TMF Provides Reality Check With Outpatient Quality Improvement Project

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It's right there in black and white. The services you provide your Medicare patients are recorded on your Medicare claims for the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to see.

You may think you're providing top-notch preventive care to these patients, but a closer look at your claims data shows your utilization rates of preventive services are low. You're not alone -- this is the case with most physicians in the United States.

As a private, nonprofit organization under contract with HCFA, the Texas Medical Foundation (TMF) is working to close the gap between recommended practices and actual utilization rates with the TMF Outpatient Quality Improvement Project. To do this, TMF is inviting physicians, health care practitioners, and Medicare patients to participate in a national effort to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with breast cancer, influenza and pneumonia, and diabetes.

TMF was chartered by the Texas Medical Association in 1971 as a designated peer review organization. For more information about the project and TMF, call Bob Abel, projects coordinator, at (800) 725-9216; e-mail txpro.babel[at]sdps[dot]org ; or visit the TMF Web site at .


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