Table of Contents: May 2010

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Vol. 106, Issue No. 5 - May 2010

COVER STORY (pages 14-20)

Prescription for Public Health Disaster
State officials' plans to reduce funding for public health programs to cope with a state budget deficit could have a devastating impact on the public health infrastructure. Public health experts say while the budget cuts may save money in the short term, the long-term effect on Texans' health will cost more in the long run. By Crystal Conde


What It Means
TMA analyzes the pros and cons of health system reform. By Ken Ortolon  


Medicare Melting Down
Congress avoids permanent SGR fix. By Ken Ortolon  

LAW (pages 39-44)

Whistle-blower Walks
Jury acquits nurse who reported physician to TMB. By Crystal Conde

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 47-53)

Killer Tans
State, feds crack down on indoor tanning. By Crystal Conde


2003 Redux?
Physicians fear medical training funding cuts. By Ken Ortolon

ROUNDS (pages 7-12)

TMA Launches Petition Drive to Save Medicare
TMA Stands Up for Patient Safety
TMB Explains Itself
TMAF Grants Mobilize Health Initiatives
Austin Physician Receives TMAF Honor
Promote Exercise, Safety With a Helmet Giveaway
Williamson County Folks Are Healthy
Dr. Mitchell to Head Tech HSC
Physicians Foundation Book Exposes Doctors' Frustration


Deaths (page 10)
Information for Authors(page 63)
Portrait (page 64)

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