Table of Contents: July 2010

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Vol. 106, Issue No. 7 - July 2010


Bleeding Money
Critics' attempts to eliminate the state's Driver Responsibility Program and expected state budget cuts are threatening vital funding of Texas' trauma centers. Trauma physicians say that money must be made up somewhere or they'll have to cut back on services. That could put lives in jeopardy.  By Crystal Conde


Get the Right People
TMA can make sure you do. By Crystal Conde


The Work Ahead
TMA, state   leaders examine health care reform. By Ken Ortolon

SCIENCE (pages 39-42)

Whom Do We Protect?
Experts at odds over HPV vaccine recommendation. By Ken Ortolon

LAW (pages 43-48)

Get Your Fair Share
Deadline to file claims against   United approaches. By Crystal Conde

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 49-54)

Programs help kids, parents fight obesity. By Crystal Conde

ROUNDS(pages 9-21)

TDI Rules Require Quality and Cost in Physician Ratings
Dr. Rohack Defends AMA Support of Health System Reform
Austin Orthopedic Surgeon Named President-Elect
Dr. Homer Receives TMA's Highest Honor
TMA Awards Nine Minority Scholarships
"My Sleeves Are Rolled Up, and I'm Ready to Get to Work."
Ask the TMA Knowledge Center
Doris Johnson Is New TMA Alliance President
Councilors Oppose Medical Ghostwriting


Deaths (page 21)
Portrait (page 56)

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