Table of Contents: December 2010

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Volume 106, Number 12 – December 2010

COVER STORY (pages 18-25)

ACO Frenzy
The accountable care organization (ACO) movement is gaining momentum in the ongoing debate over how America delivers and pays for health care. ACOs are becoming increasingly popular. But do physicians have all the information they need to decide whether to join one? Making the wrong decision could be disastrous. By Ken Ortolon

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 31-36)

Programs improve care for Medicaid children. By Crystal Conde


Making Health Insurers Insure
Patients get more care for their money. By Ken Ortolon

LAW (pages 43-48)  

Repairing the Impaired
New program offers help without TMB discipline. By Crystal Conde


Acing the Test
MCAT scores rise despite enrollment boost. By Ken Ortolon

EXHIBIT (pages 27-30)  

TMA Exhibit Traces History of Texas African-American Physicians  

  JOURNAL (page53)

Five Challenges Facing the US Physician Workforce (And What to Do About Them) (abstract) (full text)

By T. Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD  

ROUNDS (pages 7-17)

The New
HIT Chief: Technology Lowers Costs, Improves Quality
Budget Woes, Redistricting to Dominate Legislative Session
AMA Leader Says Health System Reform Has Benefits, Challenges
TMA Grooms Young Physicians to Become Effective Leaders
Health System Reform Holds Opportunities for Texas
Grant Helps Improve Electronic Records 
TMA Wins Award for Excellence 
PBF Helps Physicians in Need
Preventive Health Coverage Under Health System Reform


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