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Frontier Medicine
Born only eight years after Texas joined the union, the Texas Medical Association and the physicians who founded it helped tame a wild frontier -- and some rather unconventional treatments as well -- and bring medical care to the pioneers of a fledgling state.

By Mike Cox

Faced with changes in society and the practice of medicine that few could have predicted, TMA grew into a powerful force for physicians and their patients and ultimately gained a reputation as America's best medical society.

By Marilyn Baker

Nov. 22, 1963
The doctors who went to work at Parkland Memorial Hospital that terrible day in Dallas had no idea they would be treating a dying president and be thrust into history and the midst of a controversy that still exists today.

By Marilyn Baker

The Tower Shooting
The wounded patients from Charles Whitman's murderous rampage on The University of Texas at Austin campus in 1966 nearly overwhelmed Brackenridge Hospital and the Austin physicians who practiced there. The incident changed emergency response systems forever.

By Marilyn Baker

Prairie to Presidency
Women physicians have overcome ignorance, prejudice, and a lack of opportunity in the past 150 years to take their rightful place in medicine. Many of them also have assumed positions of leadership.

By Marilyn Baker

Grouping Together
It's been an often rocky road, but the group practice of medicine has grown from an idea that many physicians thought would never work into one that many now believe may be their only salvation.

By Marilyn Baker

Into the Unknown
The next 150 years promises to be an exciting time to practice the healing arts with advances that at one time seemed to be the stuff of science fiction. But as usual, the question is, how are we going to pay for it?

By Ken Ortolon


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