The Journal Abstract: October 2011

Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Texas and the United States: An Overview

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The Journal – Abstract – October 2011

Tex Med. 2011;107(10):63.

By Stephen W. Wyatt, DMD, MPH; William R. Maynard, MBA; Eric A. Miller; Rebecca Garcia, PhD; and Lewis E. Foxhall, MD

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Texas. Even though the state's cancer incidence and mortality rates have decreased slightly in recent years, the number of cases and deaths are increasing each year with the growth and aging of the population. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases annually an updated US Cancer Statistics report containing incidence and mortality data for all states and aggregate US data that allow for more meaningful comparisons across populations and geographic regions than do the number of new cases and deaths. This article examines major Texas findings from the most recent report (for the 5-year period 2003-2007) and compares Texas and US data.  

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