Table of Contents: August 2012

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 Volume 108, Number 8 – August 2012 

COVER STORY (pages 18-23) 

 Doctors Targeted 
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to get involved in scope-of-practice issues. South Carolina dental regulators have already felt the FTC's wrath. That worries organized medicine and state licensing boards. They fear the powerful agency may place a higher value on competition than on patient safety. By Ken Ortolon 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 25-30) 

Lifesaving Shots 
New law requires health workers' vaccination. By Crystal Conde    


Avoiding the Courthouse
Tips to stay out of legal trouble. By Crystal Conde   

MEDICAL ECONOMICS (pages 41-44) 

Keep Insurers Honest
TMA: Appeal your health plan rankings. By Ken Ortolon   

LAW (pages 47-50) 

Making Aetna Responsible 
TMA backs hospitals' claims for millions. By Crystal Conde   

MEDICAL EDUCATION (pages 51-54) 

New Rules 
ACGME changes residency accreditation. By Ken Ortolon   

SPECIAL REPORT (pages 59-64) 

Healthy Vision 2020 
Protect Physicians' Independent Medical Judgment  

 ROUNDS (pages 11-15) 

Advocacy, Public Health Issues Dominate AMA Meeting
PPACA Doesn't Change Physicians' Commitment to Patients
TMA's Hotel Group Discount Program
Harris County Medical Society Alliance Awards Scholarships
San Antonio Physician Heads 50-Year Club   

 JOURNAL (page 57) 

 What the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) can do for Texas physicians; what Texas physicians can do for JAMP (full text) (abstract)

 By Alan Podawiltz, DO, MS; James Richardson, DVM, PhD; Wallace Gleason, MD; Kathleen Fallon, MD; David Jones, PhD.; Elizabeth Kimberli Peck, MD; Jeffrey Rabek, PhD; Manuel Schydlower, MD; William Thomson, PhD; Russell T. Warne, PhD; Budge Mabry; Paul Hermesmeyer, MST; and Quentin W. Smith, MS  


Letters (pages 7-8)
Newsmakers (page 14)
Deaths (page 15)
Commentary: Tort Reform Safe for Now (pages 55-56)
Information for Authors (page 58) 

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