Table of Contents: November 2012

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Volume 108, Number 11 – November 2012 

COVER STORY (pages 14-22) 

Candidates With a Cure 
TMA physicians and alliance members are poised to fill as many as eight seats in the Texas House and Senate and one in the U.S. Congress in the Nov. 6 election. It's an example of how TEXPAC and the TMA Alliance are working to make sure lawmakers hear the voices of physicians and their patients. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

MEDICAL ECONOMICS  (pages 25-30) 

Cost Control 
State health plan sustainability debated. By Amy Lynn Sorrel   

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 35-41) 

Medical Crisis Response 
West Nile outbreak mobilizes physicians. By Crystal Conde 

LAW (pages 45-50)  

Specifics, Please 
Tell DSHS what killed patients. By Crystal Conde 

The Physician-Patient Relationship
Don't make assumptions. By Andrea Schwab, JD 


An Apt App 
DocbookMD enhances patient care. By Crystal Conde  

SPECIAL REPORT (pages 63-72) 

Healthy Vision 2020
Section 5: Invest in Prevention 

JOURNAL  (page 61) 

Health Insurance Coverage in the Houston-Galveston Area Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (abstract) (full text)

By Charles Begley, PhD; Ashish Deshmukh, MPH; Karl Eschbach, PhD; Negin Fouladi, MS, MPH; Qian June Liu; and Thomas Reynolds, PhD  

ROUNDS (pages 7-11) 

Physicians Foundation Survey Gauges Physician Dissatisfaction
TMA Condemns Women's Health Rules
Letters: Congress Must Stop Medicare Cuts
Academic Physicians: Reward Yourself
How to Get Flu Vaccine
Benefits of Your TMA Membership


 Deaths (page 10)  

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