Table of Contents: December 2012

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Volume 108, Number 12 – December 2012 

 COVER STORY (pages 16-22) 

Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent 
TMA fears the new rules to prevent Medicaid fraud will make the state presume that physicians are crooks. That's exactly what happened to Austin's Carousel Pediatrics. The practice is fighting to keep its doors open. By Crystal Conde 

QUALITY (pages 25-30) 

"Choosing Wisely"
More value, less waste, shared decision making. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 


Raised Expectations 
EHR rules demand patient control. By Crystal Conde 


Small Problems, Big Impact 
TMA proposes a red-tape reduction bill. By Amy Lynn Sorrel  

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 47-51) 

CPRIT funds research, prevention. By Crystal Conde 

MEDICAL EDUCATION (pages 53-56) 

Good Intentions  
Will new rule help or hurt access? By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

SPECIAL REPORT (pages 59-63) 

Healthy Vision 2020 
Section 6: Protect and Promote a Fair Civil Justice System

ROUNDS (pages 11-14) 

Fall Conference Keynote Speaker Dissects What’s Next for PPACA
Women’s Health Program Gag Rule Defeated
CME the Easy Way
PBF Helps Physician Families of All Ages

JOURNAL (page 57) 

Enhanced Surveillance of Maternal Mortality in Texas (abstract) (full text)

By Larissa J. Estes, DrPH; Linda E. Lloyd, PhD; and Beatrice J. Selwyn, ScD 


Letters (page 7)
Newsmakers (page 13)
Deaths (page 14)
Information for Authors (page 58) 

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