Table of Contents: February 2013

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Volume 109, Issue No. 2 – February 2013 

COVER STORY (pages 14-20) 

Big Decision 
Many young doctors begin their professional lives as employed physicians, then transition into full or part owners of a practice. Deciding between employment and solo practice is a big decision. Whatever the choice, it has to be done right. By Crystal Conde 


Starting a Practice 
TMA Practice Consulting ready to help. By Crystal Conde 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 27-33) 

Healthy Priorities 
Public health group sets 2013 goals. By Crystal Conde 


Difficult Decisions 
TMA seeks balanced end-of-life debate. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

MEDICAL ECONOMICS (pages 41- 47) 

Closed Formulary, Part Two  
DWC to require preauthorization for "legacies." By Amy Lynn Sorrel  

 SPECIAL REPORT (pages 55-64) 

Healthy Vision 2020 
Establish Fair and Transparent Insurance Markets for Patients, Employers, Taxpayers, and Physicians


Locked-In Syndrome (abstract) (full text)

By Michael S. Cardwell, MD, JD, MPH, MBA 

ROUNDS (pages 9-12) 

Blues Ranking Letters on the Way
Tied Up in Red Tape? 
E-Tips Helps Your Practice Run Right  
Legislative News Delivered to Your Inbox
Hotel Deals One Benefit of TMA Membership
New CME Course Examines Drug Overdoses
TMLT Adds Employment Practices Liability Coverage to All Policies


Commentary: Dead Children and Guns, By Jason Terk, MD 
Commentary: A Belated Note of Gratitude, By Michael K. Williams, MD 

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