Table of Contents: March 2013

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Volume 109, Number 3 – March 2013

COVER STORY (pagse 12-18)

Medicaid Makeover  
The Medicaid 1115 waiver program had lofty goals to make Medicaid work better, including accountability. But its financing mechanism favors hospitals and in some case is creating bureaucracies and funding disputes that overshadow the waiver's goals. That is drawing attention from lawmakers. By Amy Lynn Sorrel


Adequate to Inadequate
TDI undoes network adequacy rules. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

LAW (pages 29-33)

Aetna to Pay Up 
Company agrees to settlement over Ingenix. By Crystal Conde 


Is the "Price" Right? 
Texas debates publicly posting physician fees. By Amy Lynn Sorrel


Real "Meaningful Use" 
EHRs help patients quit smoking. By Crystal Conde 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 47-51)

Part of the Team 
Physicians help protect athletes, foster health. By Crystal Conde 

ROUNDS (pages 7-11)

Remember the Alamo. Remember San Antonio. Remember TexMed 2013
Medicine Helps Delay Controversial Corpus power Plant
ICD-10: What Should You Do Now?  
TMLT Adds $30 Million to Trust Rewards Program  
TMA Exhibits Pioneer Heart Surgeons' Unique Artifacts 
TMA Members Are Winners
House of Delegates to Vote on TMA Amendments

JOURNAL (page 55)   

General Medical Care External Hospitalizations for Patients in Texas State Mental Health Hospitals (abstract) (full text


Newsmakers (page 8)
Deaths (pages 9, 10)
Commentary: A Cry for HelpBy Miguel A. Gutierrez, MD

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