Table of Contents: August 2013

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Volume 109, Number 8 – August 2013 

COVER STORY (pages 16-33)  

"We Got Results" 
TMA's hard work for physicians and patients paid off in the 2013 legislative session with long-sought, even precedent-setting victories. Among the many successes are reduced red tape, transparent insurance markets, preservation of physicians' scope of practice, and increased graduate medical education funding. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

LAW (pages 35-39)  

Fighting for Fairness 
TMA wins law to improve OIG probes. By Crystal Zuzek 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 41-46)  

"Health Matters in Texas" 
Legislature enhances public health system. By Crystal Zuzek  

MEDICAL ECONOMICS (pages 49-54) 

Ready, Set …? 
Feds prepare for insurance exchange. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 


Claims Detectives 
Auditors ensure proper payment. By Crystal Zuzek 

ROUNDS (pages 9-14) 

AMA House Fights Fat 
TMA Hires Three-Sixty Advisory Group as Consultant 
Harris County Medical Society Alliance Awards Scholarships
Five Inadvertent HIPAA Violations by Physicians
Ask the TMA Knowledge Center
Honor a Local Reporter for Medical Journalism

JOURNAL (page 63) 

Barriers to Health Care Among Bell County Residents With Health Insurance Medical Aid (abstract) (full text)

By Theresa Castilla, MA; Jinmyoung Cho, PhD; Matthew L Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES; Angela K. Hochhalter, PhD; and Marcia G. Ory, PhD, MPH 


Commentary: A Resident's Inside View (pages 7-8) 
Newsmakers (page 10) 
Deaths (page 11) 

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