Table of Contents: January 2014

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Volume 110, Number 1 — January 2014

COVER STORY (pages 14-20)

Hassles and Happiness
A new RAND survey offers new details about what makes you happy in practicing medicine and what makes you feel dissatisfied with your career choice. Among the biggest culprits in causing physician angst is electronic health records. By Crystal Zuzek


Most Valuable Players
TMA PSO empowers physicians. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 31-36)

The Truth About Shots
Physicians play key role in educating patients. By Crystal Zuzek


Perfecting the Portal
Medicaid seeks better provider portal. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 45-49)

"Obesity Is a Disease"
AMA declaration may influence insurers. By Crystal Zuzek

QUALITY (pages 51-54)

Quality in Action
TMA helps doctors choose wisely. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

ROUNDS (pages 9-12)

AMA Adopts Principles for Physician Employment
AMA Honors Two Outstanding Texans
Medicine Protests Medicare Advantage Terminations
Preparing Your EHR for 2014
Help Your Patients Achieve a Healthy Weight
TMA Anson Jones, MD, Awards Honors Physicians
Medical Pioneer Mavis P. Kelsey, MD, Dies

JOURNAL (page 55)

Primary Care Physicians' Perceptions of Diabetes Treatment Protocols (full text)

By Samuel N. Forjuoh, MD, MPH, DrPH, FGCP; Jane N. Bolin, PhD, JD, RN; Ann M. Vuong, DrPH, MPH, CPH; Janet W. Helduser, MA; Darcy K. McMaughan, PhD; and Marcia G. Ory, PhD, MPH


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Newsmakers (page11)   

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