Table of Contents: September 2014

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Volume 110, Number 9 — September 2014

COVER STORY (pages 18-24)

TEXPAC Needs You
TEXPAC is poised to get even tougher in an increasingly difficult political environment. TMA's advocacy arm wants to ensure medicine's voice rings in the Texas Legislature and good health policy prevails. The medical profession needs to be politically active now more than ever. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

LAW (pages 27-30)

Patient Safety First
TMA battles scope expansion. By Kara Nuzback


Reporting for Duty
Physicians step up in VA crisis. By Amy Lynn Sorrel 

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 41-46)

Crossing the Border
Tropical diseases emerge in Texas. By Kara Nuzback


Schools help students match. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

ROUNDS (pages 9-16)

Attend TMA Fall Conference Sept. 12-13
TMA Members Testify on DSHS, UIL Sunset Review
Business Management Help for Your Practice From TMA
TMA Weighs in on Public Health, Medicaid Funding
TMA Calls for Meaningful Use Moratorium
Join TMA's Statewide Bicycle Helmet Giveaway
Docright Compares EHRs, Other HIT
Print and Save DocbookMD Messages
TMAF Appoints New Board Member
HCMS Alliance Provides Med Student Scholarships


Commentary: The Ethics of Lying By Edwin T. Melendez-Murphy MD (page 7)
Commentary: Reconsidering GME Funding By John C. Jennings, MD (pages 51-52)
Information for Authors (page 55)

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