Table of Contents: February 2015

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Volume 111, Number 2 — February 2015


Advancing Care, Treatment for Patients With Mental Illness By Clifford Moy, MD

Accessing the Public Mental Health System in Texas By James G. Baker, MD

Behavioral Aspects of the Pre-transplant Assessment By Elena Gonzalez-Ammatuna, MD, and John Z. Sadler, MD

Identification of Mental Disorders With Potential for Violence in Adolescents and Young Adults By Shawn Chambers, MD, and Urszula Kelley, MD

Identification and Management of Suicide Risk in U.S. Military Veterans By Lindsay Chapman, DO, and Hisham Ibrahim, MD

Opioid Addiction Screening Tools for Patients With Chronic Noncancer Pain By Adriane M. dela Cruz, MD, PhD, and Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD

Inadvertent Stigmatization of Mental Disorders in a Primary Care Setting By Sarah E. Baker, MD, Rachel M. Pearson, and Jason E. Glenn, PhD

COMMENTARIES (pages 11-26)

No Greater Challenge By David Lakey, MD

No Quick Fix for Texas' Shortage of Psychiatrists By Clifford Moy, MD

Texas' Child Mental Health System a "Mess" By Nhung T. Tran, MD

Reducing Mental Illness Stigma Challenging By Nidal Moukaddam, MD

Untreated Mental Illness in Children Devastating, Costly By Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD

Poor Prognosis for Mental Health Care in Texas' EDs By Robert D. Greenberg, MD


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