Table of Contents: May 2015

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Volume 111, Number 5 — May 2015 

COVER STORY (pages 26-31)

Cutting Edge
TMA PracticeEdge offers physicians the technology and business know-how to compete with large health care systems, while maintaining their independent practices. By Kara Nuzback

ECONOMICS (pages 33-38)

Balance-Billing Ban Back in 2015 Legislature
Balance billing is part of a larger problem involving health plans' shrinking networks, caps on payments for medical care, and inaccurate network directories, says TMA. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

LAW (pages 39-43)

Standing Up for Patients
Proposed legislation would expand the scope of practice for nurses, chiropractors, and other health professionals without a license to practice medicine. By Kara Nuzback

EDUCATION (pages 45-50)

Room to Grow
Graduate medical education is a top priority for Texas lawmakers this legislative session. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

QUALITY (pages 51-57)

"We Got It Wrong"
The American Board of Internal Medicine suspended several recent revisions to its maintenance-of-certification quality improvement requirements. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 59-63)

The Next Phase of Cancer Care
Cancer survivorship plans help ensure patients continue to receive quality care after completing active cancer treatment. By Kara Nuzback


Inbox (page 5)
Fact (page 7)
Focus On (pages 8-9)
Commentary (pages 11-12): Old School, New School, or No School at All By John R. Pettigrove, MD
Commentary (page 15): When Is It Okay to Laugh? By Skye Clarke, DO
Rounds (pages 17-24)
Tip (page 64)

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