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Commentary — September 2015 

Tex Med. 2015;111(9):11.

By Humberto Rivas, MD

The new MCAT has gone through the first major revision in 25 years. It is longer, broader (four more subjects), and more interdisciplinary. As described in an April 15 Wall Street Journal article titled "Medical-College Entrance Exam Gets an Overhaul," the MCAT includes a new section — one-fourth of the test — that covers psychology, sociology, and the biological foundations of behavior, as well as social inequality, class consciousness, racial and ethnic identity, "institutionalized racism and discrimination," and "power, privilege and prestige." 

Our medical students will be taking a test on cultural competency, race-based, class-based, and gender-based discriminatory systems — a social liberal's dream come true. It seems like the verbal reasoning section is now about social engineering. They'll be reading about how racist doctors are, and the questions seem to ask them to validate the test maker's preconceived notions of racial justice.

This approach will undoubtedly provide the "system" with a well-thought-out selection process of the medical student's ideological and political inclinations and will indirectly allow them to select who is moving forward to make the liberal, social justice, and "new order" agenda of the future a reality.

An April 17 Frontpage Mag article titled "Medical College Exam to Test Future Docs on Institutional Racism and White Privilege" quotes a Columbia, Mo., pathologist speaking on the sociology material in the test. "This is not science. [It's] agenda-driven garbage," said Ronald Hansing, MD. Frontpage Mag is a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

It seems to me the MCAT is more interested in testing for political correctness than testing for science. It also seems we don't need doctors treating or curing diseases but exposing privileges.

With all the new ideas about what is socially acceptable and politically correct, we are becoming a society of hypocrites, opening our mouths only to express opinions that are acceptable to the current establishment. We have forgotten objectivity, truthfulness, and reality in exchange for acceptance. Many of us doctors in the trenches are not made aware of this clear political and liberal agenda placed on medical students to create a selection process that is friendly to the system's future goals. 

The new MCAT is pushing the envelope too much for my own comfort, and I'm sure many of you would agree with my perception. This test is going to coerce medical education in the direction that will make students prepare for what is clearly a long-term agenda behind the whole process, an agenda that is friendly to liberal ideas, to the political part of the spectrum. It's less about science, less about knowledge, and more about power and socialist views and programs.

Having been born in another country where socialist and communist ideas and programs were something I had to study and learn about has given me a great advantage. I have also learned how to counteract those programs. 

I can tell you that discussing this issue is necessary, and confronting this ideology is a must. We need to be alert and not take for granted that things will remain as "the status quo." 

Humberto Rivas, MD, is the director of pediatrics at Gonzales Memorial Pediatrics and a pediatrician at Sievers Medical Clinic, a multispecialty group in Gonzales. 

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