Table of Contents: October 2015

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Volume 111, Number 10 — October 2015 

COVER STORY (pages 24-31)

Wanted: Well-Rounded Physicians
The previous MCAT was 25 years old. Questions on the new MCAT pertain to concepts such as self-identity, social stratification, and multiculturalism and ask students to apply them to certain scenarios. By Amy Lynn Sorrel


Battle Hacks 
Federal, state, and private-product options exist to help practices stay in compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations while keeping patient information secure. By Joey Berlin  

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 41-47)

A True Antidote
A new law allows physicians to prescribe an opioid antagonist to a person in danger of an opioid-related overdose or to anyone who can help the opioid user. By Joey Berlin


1115 Medicaid Waiver Up for Renewal
Without federal approval, the 1115 Medicaid waiver expires in September 2016. TMA supports renewal but says the waiver design must change and calls for greater physician involvement. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

ECONOMICS  (pages 55-60)

More Than a Misprint
A new TMA-backed law calls on health plans to clean up their network directories to ensure patients have the most up-to-date information on which physicians are in their plans. By Amy Lynn Sorrel


Influence of Sex Education on Condom Knowledge and Condom Use Skills Among Texas College Students (abstract) (full text)

By Jessica Clifton, MD; Lindsay Penrose, PhD; Sam Prien, PhD; and Naghma Farooqi, MD


Fact (page 6)
Focus On: ACA Marketplace (pages 8-9)
Commentary: A Life in Medicine: The Greatest Generation By John Pettigrove, MD (pages 11-12)
Rounds (pages 15-22)
Newsmakers (page 18)
Deaths (page 22)
FAQ (page 64)

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