Table of Contents: February 2016

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Volume 112, Number 2 — February 2016


Furthering Medical Education in Texas
By Surendra K. Varma, MD, and John Jennings, MD

Costs Associated With Residency Training
By Lois L. Bready, MD, and M. Philip Luber, MD

Experience-Based Lessons From Rural Texas Graduate Medical Education
By Lisa R. Nash, DO; Tricia C. Elliott, MD; and Jorge Duchicela, MD

The Next Accreditation System: Will Residents Be Better Prepared for Medical Practice?
By Lynne M. Kirk, MD

The Revolution in Medical Education
By Christina M. Gutierrez; Susan M. Cox, MD; and John L. Dalrymple, MD 

The Family Medicine Accelerated Track at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center: Helping Prepare for Texas' Health Care Future
By Betsy Goebel Jones, EdD, and Steven L. Berk, MD

Retaining Medical Graduates in Texas
By Nancy Dickey, MD

COMMENTARIES (pages 11-26)

The State Has a Role in Funding GME 
By John Zerwas, MD

Ensuring Adequate GME Capacity Is Important to Texas' Future 
By Raymund Paredes, PhD

Welcome to the Revolution in Medical Education 
By Steve A. Lieberman, MD

My "Town to Gown" Transition 
By Tedd Mitchell, MD

Resident Burnout: The Greatest Challenge Facing GME 
By Mani Akhtari, MD

The Future of Undergraduate Medical Education 
By David Savage  


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