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Cash-and-Carry Medicine
Health savings accounts are gaining in popularity and could some day return medicine to a time when patients paid physicians directly and then sought reimbursement from their insurance company. But giving patients more choice means physicians may have to start competing for patients on the basis of price, quality, convenience, and other factors as patients take ownership of their own health plans.

By Ken Ortolon 


Let the Market Work
The 2003 tort reforms are paying off in terms of lower rates by some liability insurers. While some physicians might think TMA would support mandatory rate rollbacks, such is not the case. New carriers are coming to Texas because of the reforms, and TMA prefers to let competition among insurance companies drive down rates.

By Erin Prather 


Get in the Game
This is no time to sit idly by and let the Texas Legislature pass bills that affect your practice without your voice being heard. Grassroots lobbying has worked in the past and will again.

By Ken Ortolon 


Ignorance Is Not Bliss
Many of your patients are probably taking over-the-counter dietary supplements and medications whether you like it or not. If they don't tell you, ask them what they're taking.

By Erin Prather 


Science Versus Politics
Americans increasingly support stem cell research, but scientists fear politics will prevent them from conducting vital research. They are particularly worried about two bills making their way through the legislature.

By Ken Ortolon 


Practice 911
When Barbara Fogiel, MD, opened her own practice in Houston, she turned to TMA Physicians Services for help. They responded with vital assistance in helping her realize her dream, including helping her establish a paperless practice.

By Erin Prather



Don't Fear the Internet
Have you resisted embracing computer Internet technology in your practice because you are concerned your staff will waste a lot of time on personal e-mailing and Web surfing?

Match Those Claims and Records
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires an exact match between Medicare records and submitted claims.

WebMD and Claims Issues
WebMD has launched Customer First to address concerns from TMA and the American Medical Association over various claims transaction issues.

How to Win in Court
Small claims court provides a place where you can recover up to $5,000 (plus court costs) in an informal setting, and without a lawyer. Here's some advice on what to do if that becomes necessary.

A Cure for Reimbursement Problems
I.C. System, Inc., TMA's endorsed company for medical collections, now offers an insurance resolution/reimbursement service that can be a valuable asset to your collection efforts. 



TMA 2004 Annual Report: Your Vision. Your Voice. Your TMA.  


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The Effects of Public Education on the Incidence and Presentation of Cutaneous Melanoma in Central Texas (abstract)

By A.R. Brackeen, MD; R.A. Weber, MD; and C.N. Verheyden, MD, PhD 



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