Table of Contents: September 2016

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Volume 112, Number 9 — September 2016

COVER STORY (pages 26-32)

MOC Revolution
MOC has long riled the nation's physicians over what doctors say are costly, burdensome, and frivolous programs. Many physicians also question the financial motives of the certifying boards and debate the impact of MOC on patient outcomes. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 35-40)

Clearing Up the Myths
TMA is helping to educate physicians on a new law that requires Texas physicians who diagnose a child with Down syndrome to provide parents with state-prepared, evidence-based information on the disorder. By Joey Berlin 

ECONOMICS (pages 41-47)

MACRA: Fix or Folly?
TMA has recommendations to improve the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' proposed rule to implement MACRA, which results in numerous compliance and administrative hassles. By Steve Levine

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 49-54)

Standing Against Addiction
A pair of standing pharmaceutical orders for naloxone, used to rescue those who overdose from opioids, have helped to expand access to the lifesaving drug in Texas. By Joey Berlin 


Keep an Eye on the Books
Electronic billing and funds transfers make medical practices vulnerable targets of employee theft. TMA and other organizations have resources to help prevent embezzlement. By Joey Berlin


Fact (page 7)
Focus On: Tort Reform (pages 8-9)
Commentary: U.S. Opioid Abuse: Teaching is Fundamental By Emilie Y. Prot, DO
Commentary: Pharmacogenetics in Physician Practice By Kevin Pauza, MD
Rounds (pages 17-24)
Newsmakers (page 23)
Deaths (pages 24)
FAQ (page 60)

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