Table of Contents: February 2017

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Volume 113, Number 2 — February 2017

Special Issue: Infectious Diseases

This symposium on infectious diseases covers ethical challenges related to infectious diseases, emerging infectious diseases, future epidemics, the infectious disease outbreak investigation process, health care-associated infection prevention, antimicrobial resistance, the hygiene hypothesis, and infectious disease physician workforce needs. 


Improving the National Infectious Disease Strategy (pages 11-12)
By David Lakey, MD

Public Health and Medicine Working Together (pages 13-14) 
By Jeffrey L. Levin, MD; Umair A. Shah, MD; and Philip P. Huang, MD

Health Care-Associated Infections: What We've Learned (pages 15-16)
By Charles J. Lerner, MD, and Jane D. Siegel, MD

Multiple, Extremely Resistant Organisms: What You Need to Know (pages 17-18)
By Oladapo A. Abodunde, MD; Paul Southern, MD; and James P. Luby, MD

Allergies vs. Infections (page 19)
By Wesley W. Stafford, MD


Infectious Diseases: An Ethical Challenge for Physicians (page 30)
By Edward J. Sherwood, MD

Emerging Infectious Diseases, Animals, and Future Epidemics (pages 31-36)
By Herbert L. DuPont, MD

Typhoid Fever on the Half Shell (pages 39-41)
By Linda Gaul, PhD, and John Hellerstedt, MD

Prevention of Health Care-Associated Infections in an Era of Public Reporting (pages 42-47)
By Chetan Jinadatha, MD, and Edward J. Septimus, MD

The Growing Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (pages 48-52)
By Jose M. Munita, MD; Samuel Shelburne, MD; David E. Greenberg, MD; and Cesar A. Arias, MD

Can We Be Too Clean for Our Own Good? The Hygiene Hypothesis Reviewed (pages 54-59)
By Sheenal Patel, MD, and Rebecca Gruchalla, MD

The Infectious Disease Manpower Crisis: Finding the Cure (pages 60-62)
By Steven L. Berk, MD


Fact (page 6)
Focus On: HAI (page 9)
Rounds (pages 21-28)
Newsmakers (page 26)
Deaths (page 28)
Back Talk (page 64)

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