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Volume 113, Number 4 — April 2017

COVER STORY (pages 20-27)

Change Around the Block?
Proponents of a block grant or per-capita cap trumpet them as vehicles for the federal government to give the states a capped amount of funding for Medicaid that legislatures would effectively distribute how they see fit. Questions abound as to what capped Medicaid funding would look like, and what effect it would have on the current Medicaid-eligible population, covered services, and physician payments. By Joey Berlin

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 29-34)

A Second Shot at HPV
HPV vaccination rates remain stubbornly low, and some studies show physician hesitancy about promoting the vaccine is the single biggest problem. TMA's HPV Work Group plans to coordinate with like-minded state and national organizations and agencies to come up with an action plan to improve HPV vaccination rates. By Sean Price

LAW (pages 37-43)

Glitch in the Switch
Migrating patient records from one electronic health record system to another can be a nightmare. A La Porte pediatrician's experience provides a cautionary tale for all physicians. By Joey Berlin 

EDUCATION (pages 45-49)

Finding the Right Balance
ACGME's latest rule change on resident duty hours reignites a long-running debate among physicians. By Sean Price 

JOURNAL (page 51)

Relation of Mental Health to Alcohol and Substance Use Among Texas College Students 

By Alan B. Shafer, PhD; Jessica A. Koenig, MD; and Emilie A. Becker, MD 


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