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Volume 113, Number 7 — July 2017


COVER STORY (pages 26–32)

Can Texas' Physicians Be as Diverse as Texas?
The United States and Texas have a chronic shortage of doctors, but the shortage of minority physicians is even more acute. To address this, and the health disparities that come with it, Texas medical schools are working to increase minority enrollment, but challenges remain. By Sean Price


Getting Into Urgent Care
Many primary care physicians opt to open “urgent care” facilities or add urgent care services to their practices. Although there are advantages — such as billing and appointment scheduling flexibility — there are headaches as well. By Sean Price 

ECONOMICS (pages 45–50) 

Drawing the Line
Politicians have long touted giving consumers the ability to buy health insurance across state lines as part of health care reform. Several states have passed laws of their own allowing interstate sales, but health plan action on those has been minimal. What is the potential impact in Texas if interstate health plan sales were to become more of a reality? By Joey Berlin

QUALITY (pages 53–58) 

Build Your Own Payment Model
Physicians participating in MACRA have a unique opportunity to create and submit their own alternative payment models to the government and take command of their own future payments. At least one Texas physician is taking a crack at developing his own model. By Joey Berlin 


Fact (page 7)
Focus On: Summer Hazards (page 9)
Commentary: Electronic Medical Records: Beneficial or Detrimental? By Camille Ayoub, DO (pages 1112)
Commentary: An Answer to the Physician Shortage By Nick Shroff, MD (pages 13–15)
Rounds (pages 17–25)
Newsmakers (page 22)
Deaths (page 24)
Tip (page 60) 

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