Table of Contents: August 2017

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Volume 113, Number 8 — August 2017

COVER STORY (pages 24–46)

Maintaining a Healthy State 
From January to May, lawmakers considered, debated, passed, and rejected dozens of bills of particular importance to Texas physicians and their patients. During that time, TMA pushed hard to advance medicine’s interests, succeeding on several important fronts.

Insurance (pages 27–29)
Building Better Policies: Balance-Billing, Step Therapy Measures Highlight Insurance Wins for Medicine By Joey Berlin

Mental Health (pages 31–33)
Thinking Big: The Texas Legislature Made Huge Strides in Improving Mental Health Care By Sean Price

Public Health (pages 35–37)
Public Health's Lean Year: Texting Ban, Zika Measure Highlight This Year's Legislative Victories By Sean Price

Telemedicine (pages 38–39)
Clearer and Simpler: TMA-Supported Bill Clarifies Murkiness Surrounding Telemedicine By Joey Berlin

Sunset (page 40)
More Work Done: Special Session Called to Reauthorize TMB and Medical Practice Act By Joey Berlin

Maintenance of Certification (pages 41–42)
Lessening the Grip: Texas Lawmakers Dramatically Scale Back MOC Requirements By Sean Price

Education (page 43)
Investing in Education: Legislators Back More Doctors in Texas By Sean Price

CPRIT (page 44)
Funding Cancer Research: Lawmakers Extend CPRIT's Life Span By Sean Price

Key Bills for Medicine (pages 45–46)

PUBLIC HEALTH (pages 47–54)

"It Changes Their Lives"
Organ transplants are acknowledged to be the best ― often the only ― treatment for organ failure; however, the very success of organ donation has created a seemingly never-ending discrepancy between demand and supply. By Sean Price 

JOURNAL (page 55)

Cranial Asymmetry Versus Microcephaly: Implications for Practice During the Zika Virus Epidemic By Sophia Tsakiri, MD; Nikolaos Zacharias, MD; Jose Garcia, MD, SM; and Lynnette Mazur, MD, MPH


Fact (page 7)
Focus On: 2018–19 State Budget (page 9)
Commentary: Shopping for Medicaid Savings? Leave Some Items on the Shelf By Lawrence O'Brien, MD (pages 11–13)
Rounds (pages 15–22)
Deaths (page 19)
Back Talk (page 56)

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