Table of Contents: May 2018

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Volume 114, Number 5 — May 2018

Cover Story: Getting Personal (pages 22-27)
Incoming TMA president will stress stronger patient relationships, access to care. By Joey Berlin

Profile: Friends and Leaders (pages 28-29)
Outgoing TMA, TDA presidents complete latest step on "mirrored" journey. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: Oversold (pages 32-34)
Has cannabis oil been overhyped in Texas? By Sean Price

 Public Health: Finding Ways to Save New Moms (pages 36-38) 
TMA's Maternal Health Congress looks for answer to Texas maternal mortality rate. By Sean Price

 Legislative Affairs: Running Off the Enemy (pages 40-43) 
TEXPAC works to give medicine-friendly candidates final nudge in May runoffs. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: The Code of Life (pages 44-45)
Physicians use zip codes to better understand patients' health problems. By Sean Price

Q&A: Stephen J. Pont, MD (page 48) 
Medical director, Department of State Health Services Office of Science and Population Health 

Vaccine-preventable Diseases (page 46)
Talk to Patients About: Hepatitis A

Also in This Issue

 ProfileAilment-plagued childhood helped set medical student's path. (pages 14-15) By Joey Berlin   

Rounds: News from America's Best Medical Society (pages 17-20)

Imaging: Texas Two-Step CPR (pages 30-31)


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