Table of Contents: August 2018

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Volume 114, Number 8 — August 2018

Cover Story:  

Hurricane Harvey: One Year Later (pages 18-23)

Studies of the public health, mental health, and environmental effects of the storm could take years to complete. By Sean Price

Hurricane Harvey: The Way Back (pages 24-29)

Physician practices share their own lessons learned. By Joey Berlin 

Economics: Sharing is Caring? (pages 30-32) 

How health care-sharing ministries work, and why they put TMA on alert. By Joey Berlin   

Women in Medicine: Infographic (pages 34-35)

Once a male-dominated field, medicine is changing as women make up a growing part of the physician population.  

Women in Medicine: Fighting on Two Fronts (pages 36-39)

The only female Texas physician to serve in World War I. By Nancy Semin  

Law: High Court Sides with Medicine in Nondisclosure Case (pages 42-43)

TMA fights to spare physicians from requirements not a part of informed consent. By Joey Berlin  

Legislative Affairs: Working the Capitol (pages 44-45)

TMA weighs in as the Texas Legislature scrutinizes opioids, Medicaid, and cost transparency. By Joey Berlin   

Vaccine-preventable Diseases (page 46)

Talk to Patients About: Texas School Vaccinations. By Sean Price   

Profile: TMA advocate Lee Ann Pearse, MD (page 48)

"You don't walk away unchanged." By Sean Price


Also in This Issue:  

Rounds: AMA Meeting Special Coverage (pages 10-17) 

Imaging: Women of Texas Medicine (pages 40-41)