Table of Contents: September 2018

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Volume 114, Number 9 — September 2018

Cover Story: Coming of Age (pages 14-21)

Fifteen years later, the power of Texas' tort reforms shows up in both the numbers and attitudes of physicians across the state. By Joey Berlin

Q&A: William C. Roberts, MD (pages 8-9)

Dallas surgeon leads heart program that gives transplant patients a fresh look at their old heart.

Economics: Financial Squeeze (pages 22-27) 

Low Medicaid pay has Dallas clinics turning to midlevels to cut costs, raising quality concerns. By Sean Price   

Practice Management: What To Do When Employees Steal (pages 28-30)

Find out why physicians, especially in small and medium-size practices, might get cheated more than they think. By Sean Price

Quality: The Results Are In (pages 36-39)

Physicians finally see how they fared in the first year of Medicare's MIPS. By Joey Berlin  

Public Health: Vaccines on a Shelf (pages 42-45)

Vaccines in development in for diseases in Texas and beyond often sit around untested. By Sean Price

Legislative Affairs: Capitol Matters (pages 32-35)

TMA weighs in as the Texas Legislature looks at Medicaid MCOs and telemedicine. By Joey Berlin   

Vaccine-preventable Diseases (page 46)

Talk to Patients About: Varicella By Sean Price   

Profile: Friendly Ties (page 48)

Lucia Williams, MD, hopes rural docs and big centers can build collegiality. By Joey Berlin


Also in This Issue:  

Rounds: Protect Medicaid Patients' Access to Tests (pages 10-13)  

Imaging: State House Call (pages 40-41)