Table of Contents: November 2018

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Volume 114, Number 11 — November 2018


Cover Story: Front Line (pages 16-21)

Using primary care to prevent suicide. By Sean Price

Q&A: Georgeanne Freeman, DO (pages 14-15)

Austin primary care physician improves patients overall well-being while diversifying clinic revenue. By David Doolittle

Law: Punching Back (pages 23-24) 

 Hospital system sued again over alleged peer review misconduct. By Joey Berlin   

Economics: Too Big a Step? (pages 30-33)

Medicine urges CMS to reverse new policy allowing "fail first" drug programs. By 

Education: On a Medical Mission (pages 34-39)

New DO school is changing how medicine is taught while helping San Antonio's poorest communities. By Sean Price

Education: Is Psychiatry Cool Again? (pages 40-43)

 More residents choosing the specialty could mean good news for statewide shortages.By Sean Price

Legislative Affairs: Evening Out the Scale (pages 44-46)

 TMA gears up for another legislative battle over surprise bills. By Joey Berlin   

Vaccine-preventable Diseases (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: Pertussis By Sean Price   

Profile: Blending Both Worlds (page 48)

Surgical resident, Grey's Anatomy consultant blends the arts and medicine. By Steve Levine


Also in This Issue:  

Rounds: New opioid prescription forms (pages 8-11)  

 Imaging: "Movember" (pages 26-28)