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Vol. 102 No. 7  

Symposium on Health Information Technology: The Future of Medicine  

When Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis shocked the medical world by introducing the concept of infectious disease, it was considered the biggest advance in medicine to date. Now, health information technology is revolutionizing medicine. Many physicians are reluctant to adopt electronic medical records, primarily because of the cost. But those who have made the investment say it pays off in improved patient care. This special issue of Texas Medicine will help you prepare to "go electronic."

The Next Exponential Leap
By Philip Suarez, MD

Health Information Technology's Potential to Improve Care: What Is the Reality?
By Mark G. Weiner, MD; David A. Dorr, MD, MS; Jennifer Hornung Garvin, PhD; Abel N. Kho, MD; Eric Pifer, MD; and David W. Bates, MD

Embracing EMRs: Physicians Who Have Done So Say Change Is Worth the Cost
By Erin Prather

At Your fingertips: EMRs Can Help Comply With Pay for Performance
By Ken Ortolon

Driving the Information Train: Feds Put HIT Adoption on Fast Track
By Ken Ortolon

A Few Tips on Avoiding EMR Pitfalls
By John Lubrano, PhD 


House of Delegates Opposes Chiropractors' Scope Expansion
Dr. Homer Takes Over; Dr. Hinchey on Deck
Massachusetts Insurance Plan Gets Mixed Reviews from Texas Doctors
AMA Sets Sights on Medicare Fix
Be Wise ― Immunize Wins IAB Bronze Quill
Coding Know-How a Must for Accurate Reimbursement
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When Charts Disappear
Compromised patient care is just one of the serious problems that can result from incomplete or missing charts.

AetnaChanges Modifier 25 Policy
TMA and other plaintiffs suing HMOs have resolved the dispute with Aetna over payment of claims with modifier 25.

Learn @ Lunch
You and your staff can participate in TMA's lunch-hour practice management seminars without leaving your office.

Directing Your Patients to the Web
There are several steps to follow in telling patients about your new practice Web site.

Medicare Eligibility
TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, the Texas Medicare Part B carrier, may release patient eligibility information over the telephone (including an automated response system) to physicians after validating the physician's name and number and obtaining certain other information.

Dealing With Divorced Parents
State law says both divorced parents have a right to access their child's medical records unless specifically limited by the court granting the divorce. 

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