Table of Contents: December 2019

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Volume 115, Number 12 — December 2019

Cover Story: Extreme Medicine (pages 20-25)

Practicing extreme medicine requires getting acclimated to extreme situations. A group of 18 second-year medical students at The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in Galveston did just that by taking part in a two-week extreme medicine program offered through the school’s preventive medicine residency department. By Sean Price

Q&A: Food Allergies in Children (pages 6-7)

Ask Austin allergist Allen Lieberman, MD, which public health issue hasn’t received the attention it deserves and he points to an epidemic of food allergies. By David Doolittle
Legislative Affairs: Far-Reaching Implications (pages 26-28)

Texas’ uninsured rate – the worst in the nation – creates troubling ripple effects. TMA continues to push constructive solutions the government must take to help. By Joey Berlin

Quality: Out of Physicians' Hands

TMA tackles unfairness of medication adherence quality measures. By Joey Berlin

Law: Finally Settled (pages 36-38)

Hospital settles anti-competition lawsuit. By Joey Berlin

Law: Know Your ADA Obligations (pages 40-41)

For a refresher, TMA and government resources can help. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: Addressing Autism (pages 42-44)

Physicians can improve treatment of patients with autism by educating themselves and connecting families with resources. By Sean Price 

Vaccines (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: How Vaccines Work By Sean Price

Also in this issue:

Journal: Lynch Syndrome (page 5)

Rounds, Deaths