Table of Contents: March 2020

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Volume 116, Number 3 — March 2020


Cover Story: Making Billing More Balanced (pages 16-21)

The widespread call to severely curb or end “surprise” medical bills has prompted competing federal legislation. At stake in this Washington, D.C., wrangling: How much physicians get paid for the vast majority of out-of-network care in the nation. In Texas specifically, federal legislation would cover out-of-network billing disputes involving plans not regulated by the new state law.  

Practice Management: The Legacy of Aries (page 23-25) 

An outdated technology burns up time and resources that physicians could use to treat HIV and AIDS patients.

Profile: Fighting Epidemics (page 26-27)

Robert Haley, MD, Wins Inaugural Nickey Award for his public health achievements.  

Law: The PMP Starts Now (page 29-30)

With EHR integration in place, physicians must check state database prior to prescribing an opioid starting March 1. 

Law: Taking Their Lumps? (page 33-34)

TMA works to reverse a court decision on lump-sum payments for future medical expenses. 

Public Health: Under the Gun (page 36-39)

Texas hospitals and clinics may need to change how they prepare for active shooter situations. 

Public Health: Strength in Numbers (page 42-45)

Texas physicians are promoting the U.S. census to improve funding for patient services. 

Vaccines (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: Vaccine vs. Natural Immunity

Also in this issue:

Rounds, Deaths (pages 8-13) 

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