Table of Contents: May 2020

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Volume 116, Number 5 — May 2020


Cover Story: The Temperature’s Rising (pages 18-23) 

In Texas, climate change has been blamed for contributing to the severity of several weather and health events, including drought, West Nile virus, Hurricane Harvey and vector-borne diseases. This article looks at some of the top climate-related health problems Texas physicians and public health officials should prepare for just as they would for a pandemic like COVID-19. By Sean Price

Law: No Double-Dipping (pages 25-27)

TMA stands for preserving tort reform ban on tacking settlement money onto negligence awards. By Joey Berlin

COVID-19 Special Section (pages 29-35)

Your TMA COVID-19 Task Force

Practice Viability Resources

When COVID-19 Visited This Physician's Practice

Telemedicine Resources

Making Telemedicine Work

Economics: Clear as Mud? (pages 37-39)

A recent federal rule mandates hospitals to post prices on a menu of services. Could private physicians be next? By Joey Berlin  

Quality: The Power of Data (pages 40-42)

UTHealth publishes claims statistics shedding light on the health – and needs – of Texas. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: A Boost for Behavioral Health (pages 43-45)

New state programs give physicians tools to improve young Texans’ mental health. By Sean Price

Vaccines (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: Vaccine exemptions. By Sean Price

Also in this issue …

Rounds, deaths

Commentary: Cancer made me a better doctor  

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