Table of Contents: August 2020

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Volume 116, Number 8 — August 2020

Road to Recovery: COVID-19 has been tough on Texas physicians. For this issue, Texas Medicine spoke to physicians on the ground about their experiences as they make their way back to business as not-so-usual. While some practices are surviving – and trying their best to prepare for future threats – others have not been so lucky. Those experiences align with the Texas Medical Association’s Practice Viability Survey in showing COVID-19 was, and still is, a disruptor unlike any other – challenging the viability of various practice types.

Road to Recovery (pages 20-25) By Joey Berlin

How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Practice? (pages 27-28) By Sean Price

Surge Response (pages 30-31) By Sean Price

Quarantine's Quandary (pages 32-33) By Joey Berlin

Also in this issue:

Profile: Leadership by Fire (pages 12-13) 
Stephanie Stephens steps into Medicaid director role with a public health crisis well under way. By Joey Berlin

 Education: TestingBoundaries (pages 34-36)
COVID-19 made USMLE exams, classroom learning, and clerkships a moving target for medical students. By Sean Price

Law: Pandemic Poses LegalPitfalls (pages 38-40)
TMA seeks better liability shields for all physicians during COVID-19. By Joey Berlin

Practice Management: E&MCoding About to Change (pages 43-44)
Physicians should benefit from less documentation under revised Medicare rules. By Sean Price  

Vaccines (page 47)
Talk to Patients About: What is ImmTrac2? By Sean Price

Commentary: Hearing health (page 4)

Rounds, Deaths (page 14)