Table of Contents: October 2020

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Volume 116, Number 10 — October 2020

Cover story: Pandemic Pressures (pages 18-25)
The mental health fallout caused by COVID-19 radiates throughout Texas. In this issue, we look at four of the biggest challenges physicians are responding to as more people say that worry and stress related to coronavirus have negatively impacted their mental health. By Sean Price

Economics: Mixed Bag (pages 26-31)
Physicians scramble to adapt to new and evolving policies from health plans, who are adapting as well. As they do, Texas physicians are finding a mixed bag of rules and regulations that can hurt and help patient care. By Joey Berlin

Public health: Opioids: The Forgotten Epidemic? (pages 32-35)
COVID-19 inflamed the opioid crisis, and telemedicine is helping Texas physicians cope with the fallout. By Sean Price

Law: Mismatch Game (pages 38-39)
More than a nuisance, errors in the Prescription Monitoring Program database could harm the patient-physician relationship. By Joey Berlin

Legislative Affairs: Champions of Medicine (pages 40-43) 
TEXPAC-endorsed incumbents need your vote in November’s elections. By Joey Berlin

Vaccines (page 46)
Talk to Patients About: ACIP. By Sean Price

Also in this issue:

Rounds (pages 14-16)
Commentary: Communicating Through PPE (pages 4-5)
Commentary: COVID-19 Registry (page 7)