Table of Contents: November 2020

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Volume 116, Number 11 — November 2020

Cover story: Our Best Shot (pages 16-21)
Creation of a COVID-19 vaccine is suddenly moving very fast in a high-profile way. Physicians and scientists around Texas are involved in the process, helping to make sure we find the right ones quickly and safely. By Sean Price

Vaccines (page 23)
Talk to Patients About: Vaccine Testing. By Sean Price 

Legislative Affairs: A Case for More Coverage (pages 25-29)
Studies suggest Medicaid expansion would fiscally benefit Texas. By Joey Berlin

Practice Management: Telemedicine Boot Camp (pages 30-33)
Physicians get trained for the future of remote care. By Joey Berlin

Education: Skipping a Step (pages 36-40)
Many medical educators and students think the clinical skills portion of the USMLE needs to be reformed or eliminated. By Sean Price

Law: End-of-Life Challenge (pages 43-47)
TMA fights decision that could strip physicians of their ability to exercise their conscience. By Joey Berlin

Also in this issue:
Rounds (pages 8-15)
Imaging: (pages 34-35)