Table of Contents: March 2021

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Volume 117, Number 3 — March 2021

Cover Story: Spotlight on Vaccines (pages 20-25)
The uneven rollout of COVID-19 vaccines created at least one bright spot for Texas physicians: It highlighted how the state could make vaccination more efficient. County medical societies stepped in to fill gaps in the state’s mass efforts to get physicians and health care workers vaccinated. And ongoing hiccups with vaccine distribution and tracking continue to frustrate Texas physicians, namely with the state’s vaccine registry, ImmTrac2, and rising vaccine exemptions – top fixes on the Texas Medical Association agenda this legislative session. By Sean Price

Profile: Physician Entrepreneur (pages 10-11)
Physicians should not only embrace new technology, they should help lead in the creation of it, says cardiologist and entrepreneur Manish Chauhan, MD. By Sean Price

Vaccines (page 28)
Talk to Patients About: ImmTrac2 By Sean Price

Law: Wrong Directive (pages 30-34)
Challenges to Texas laws governing end-of-life care, whether through legislative rewrites or judicial override, are nothing new. The recent success of those challenges is. And these legal shifts raise significant concerns for physicians and their ability to exercise their medical judgment in these difficult situations. By Joey Berlin

Education: Another Great Match (page 36-37)
In 2020, almost all Texas medical graduates matched with residency positions. Plus, USMLE eliminates the Step 2 clinical skills test. By Sean Price                

Practice Management: Accelerating RPM (pages 40-43)
Adoption of remote patient monitoring speeds up as COVID-19 promotes use of digital tools. By Sean Price

Law: Outrageous Overreach (pages 44-46)
Medicine fights broad, invasive documentation requests. By Joey Berlin

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06 History of Medicine: Bubonic plague
12 Rounds
48 FAQ: E-prescribing of controlled substances