Potential Effect of Over-the-Counter Sales on Omeprazole Calls to Texas Poison Centers

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Abstract of Journal Article - June 2007  

By Mathias B. Forrester, BS  

Omeprazole exposures reported to Texas poison centers before over-the-counter (OTC) approval (January 1998 through June 2003) and after OTC approval (July 2003 through December 2005) were compared. The mean number of human exposures per month declined from 12 before OTC approval to 8 after OTC approval. For exposures involving omeprazole alone, the calls before and after OTC approval were similar with respect to the exposure being unintentional (93% vs 92%), management occurring outside of a health care facility (90% vs 86%), and final medical outcome classified as no effect (95% vs 95%). During both time frames, no specific category of adverse clinical effect was reported in more than 6% of the exposures. Decontamination was the most common method of treatment both before (54%) and after (42%) OTC approval. In conclusion, OTC approval of omeprazole did not alter the pattern of the potentially adverse omeprazole exposures reported to Texas poison centers. 

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