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Medicaid Cuts
The Texas Legislature just completed a gut-wrenching session, and one of the biggest bones of contention was a reduction in Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program funding to help balance the state budget. You may not realize it, but Medicaid is a major player in the state's economy, and major cuts could be disastrous.

By Walt Borges


Gatorade or Water?
Do Gatorade and those other fancy sports drinks really help rehydrate athletes, or does plain old water work just as well? The TMA Council on Scientific Affairs has conducted a thorough study and it says sports drinks could have some benefit.

By Ken Ortolon


Ready and Willing
The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Kentucky's "any willing provider" law, but Texas physicians won't benefit unless the Texas Legislature passes a similar law. The Supreme Court decision may be yet another chink in the ERISA armor that HMOs have hidden behind for years.

By Walt Borges


That Was Then, This Is Now
TMA has had second thoughts about its long-held policy opposing the creation of new medical schools in Texas or an increase in class sizes at existing schools. New concerns over physician shortages have caused the association to reverse its position.

By Ken Ortolon


In the Palm of Your Hand
New software developed for personal digital assistants by TMA's Physician Oncology Education Program, the American Cancer Society, and the Texas Cancer Council helps physicians prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.

By Ken Ortolon


Hiring Good Employees
Ever hired someone you wish you hadn't? TMA Physician Services has 10 tips to make sure you hire the right person.

HIPAA and Child Abuse
HIPAA's privacy rules do a lot of things, but they don't keep you from calling the cops when you suspect a child has been abused.

No Hassle Zone
If you're sick of insurance hassles, use a Hassle Factor Log to let TMA's Health Care Financing Department folks know about it. They'll take it from there.

You Could Be Next
The feds are conducting random audits to make sure that physicians' office labs that qualify as waived under CLIA are following the rules.

Understanding Medicare
Medicare has a lot of rules. Fortunately, it offers several free publications to help you avoid trouble. You can also get a free brochure on the Advanced Beneficiary Notice.

Temporary Help
Call TMA Physician Services if you suddenly find yourself in temporary need of a manager. Its consultants can help you out of a jam. TMA Online  


TMA House of Delegates Denounces Medicaid, CHIP Cuts
CRNAs Making a Haul
Medicare Plans Further Reductions


A Health Assessment of Refugee Children From Former Yugoslavia in Tarrant County (abstract)

By John K. Podgore, DO, MPH; Antonio René, MPH, PhD; Raghbir Sandhu, MD, DrPH; and Muriel Marshall, DO, DrPH


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