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Fat Kids on the Block
The fight against childhood obesity and the health problems that come with it by requiring more physical activity in Texas elementary schools has run into some major problems. Confusion, budget problems, curriculum battles, and pressure to pass the new state student proficiency test have dampened enthusiasm for the effort. Meanwhile, the kids are getting fatter.

By Ken Ortolon


Mo' Better Blues
We were pretty hard on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas a couple of years ago because a lot of doctors were singing the blues over the way they were treated by the venerable insurance company. But things have changed dramatically and now some of the critics are fans again.

By Walt Borges


Putting Patients on Trial
Those clinical trials that are so vital in developing new drugs to treat cancer patients are having a hard time finding patients. The main problem seems to be a lack of awareness by physicians and patients.

By Ken Ortolon


Medicine's Changing Face
Take one honors graduate from Dartmouth and Baylor College of Medicine. Add a pinch of history by marrying into one of South Texas' most prominent medical families. Blend in two children before and during residency. You end up with Lynae Striker Canales, MD, TMA's 38,000th member.

By Laurie Stoneham


Born To Be a Doctor
You could almost argue that Charles W. Bailey Jr., MD, TMA's new president, never had a chance. He had to be a physician. His father was a doctor. His grandfather was a doctor. So were two uncles. And his grandmother took the state's first nursing exam. He's followed in their footsteps, and now he's taking the reins of leadership.

By Larry BeSaw


HIPAA Hassles
Those new HIPAA privacy standards that take effect this month mean you'll need a business associate agreement if you file a complaint with the Hassle Factor Log program, TMA's payment assistance program.

The second edition of TMA's Medical Office Policy and Procedure Manual details HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures and contains sample forms and letters. The manual is available in hard copy and CD-ROM. Also, if you need customized help with HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance, you can call on TMA Physician Services for help.

Medicaid Changes
You need to know about several changes the state is making in the way it runs the Medicaid program. Some new publications from the National Heritage Insurance Co. have all the information. Watch out for them.

It's an Emergency
Several Medicaid claim codes related to pregnancy are now considered emergency diagnoses. Find out how you can appeal claims that already have been denied. TMA Online  


TMA Backs TAPA Liability Reform Plan
Physicians Join Governor for State of State Speech
Liability Premiums Cause OB-Gyns To Flee
TMA Hires Big Guns for Lobbying Effort
Down to the Wire With the April 14 HIPAA Deadline  



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Deaths of Texas Adolescents From Injury, 1996 Through 1998 ( Abstract )

By George R. Kerr, MD, and David J. Ramsey, MD  

Cause-Specific Mortality Among Employees of a Texas-Based Chemical Manufacturing Facility, 1940 Through 1996 ( Abstract )

By Carol J. Burns, PhD; Michael L. Carson, DO; and Janice B. Cartmill, RN  

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