Voluntary Readmission Among Schizophrenic Patients in the Texas State Psychiatric Hospital System

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Abstract of Journal Article - September 2007   

By Emilie Attwell Becker, MD, and Alan Shafer, PhD  

This study examined risk factors for hospital recidivism within the Texas state psychiatric hospital system. Voluntary admissions of 5212 schizophrenic patients were followed for 5 years after discharge. First, the study examined differences between patients who were not readmitted and those who were. Second, readmissions were examined in relation to demographics, diagnostic information, posthospital discharge community aftercare, and other hospitalization information, such as length of stay. Readmission predictors were being male, single, and Hispanic; having an aftercare appointment; living in a county with a mental hospital; and having comorbid personality disorder and alcohol and drug abuse diagnoses. Longer index hospitalizations led to slightly few readmissions, but the total length of stay of subsequent readmissions was longer. While our predictors of readmission are mostly immutable, they can still be used to flag those at risk for lengthy hospital reentry. 


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