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California Dreamin'
Reforming the state's liability system will be TMA's priority when the legislature convenes in January, and a law born in California more than 25 years ago is serving as the model for those reform efforts. The law is called the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), and its supporters say it's just the ticket for Texas.

By Walt Borges


Are You Competent?
The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners has come up with a proposal to begin competency testing of Texas physicians by 2005. If it happens, Texas would be the first state to require competency testing. Needless to say, many physicians aren't thrilled with that prospect.

By Ken Ortolon


The FTC Hammer
The Federal Trade Commission's investigation of Genesis Physician Group and System Health Providers Inc. over antitrust allegations has ended without the Dallas group assuming any legal liability or having to pay a fine. Experts say it shows the dangers and complexities of antitrust laws that are applied to physicians.

By Walt Borges


Patients' Bill of Rights, R.I.P .
They were so close. It looked like the Democrats and Republicans in Congress were approaching an agreement on the Patients' Bill of Rights, but now all that's out the window. It looks like nothing is going to get done.

By Ken Ortolon


E-mail Medicine
Word on the street is that this Internet thing just might catch on after all. Some physicians are even using e-mail and the Internet to provide online consultations for their patients. And charging for it, too.

By Ken Ortolon


Common Fraud Experienced by the Elderly: Findings From a 1998 Survey in Houston, Texas

By Max E. Otiniano, MD, MPH; Ronald Lorimor, PhD; Ellen MacDonald, RN, MSN; and Xianglin L. Du, MD, PhD

Are Deaths From Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Kidney Cancer, and Leukemia Clustered in San Antonio?

By F. Benjamin Zhan, PhD


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