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Bioterrorism Fears
We've learned a lot since last Sept. 11, mainly that we're not as safe as we thought we were. There really are people who are out to get us, and the experts say it's just a matter of time before somebody uses a biological agent against an unsuspecting public. That's why physicians and other health experts are rapidly gearing up to prepare for what might happen.

By Ken Ortolon


How Clean Is Clean?
Just when you thought you knew how to make a claim "clean" so you can get paid on time, a couple of insurance companies come up with demands for new information. Those demands have upset several physicians and gotten the attention of the Texas Department of Insurance.

By Walt Borges


Whom We Support and Why
There's a lot riding on the outcome of the November elections, especially when you consider that the next session of the legislature will be dealing with such issues as liability reform, prompt pay, and Medicaid budget shortfalls. And Congress will be wrestling with some pretty heavy issues, as well. TEXPAC, TMA's political arm, has weighed in with endorsements of the candidates it thinks will do the best job in looking out for the interests of patients and physicians.

By Ken Ortolon


Dollars for Scholars
The TMA Minority Scholarship Program is launching a major fundraising effort in September to help qualified minority students go to medical school and to help overcome effects of the Hopwood ruling. It won't pay for everything, of course, but every little bit helps.

By Ken Ortolon


Ethnic and Gender Patterns for Five Congenital Disorders in Texas From 1992-Through 1998

By Jamison E. Strahan; Mark A. Canfield, PhD; L. Margaret Drummond-Borg, MD; Susan U. Neil, PhD


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