Table of Contents: October 2007

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Vol. 103 No. 10  

John T. Carlo, MD, MSE, Guest Editor

Pandemic Influenza: Still a Threat
By John T. Carlo, MD, MSE

Pandemic Influenza: A Primer
By Kevin A. Swartz, MD, and James P. Luby, MD

Pre-hospital Pandemic Influenza Triage
By Mary-Katherine Sanchez, DrPH, MPH, and Elvin Adams, MD, MPH

Practical Challenges in a Hospital Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan
By Zakir Hussain A. Shaikh, MD, MPH, and Mike Schwartz, PharmD

The Role of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions During a Pandemic
By Elizabeth Graves Love, MPH; Kelly N. Reed-Hirsch, MPH, CHES; and Lucinda J. Kilborn, MPH

Pandemic Planning for Office-Based Practices
By Mary-Katherine Sanchez, DrPH, MPH

Pandemic Influenza Planning in Texas: The Pediatric Perspective
By Jane D. Siegel, MD

DSHS Plans for an Influenza Pandemic
By David L. Lakey, MD 


OIG's Hammer
State officials charged with rooting out Medicaid fraud have made a Kaufman pediatrician's life a nightmare and threatened to ruin his practice, even though independent experts say he has done nothing wrong. The case of Charles Turner Lewis, MD, is an extreme example of what can happen when the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's Office of Inspector General decides to go after a physician and wield what it calls the "hammer" it's been given by the legislature. 


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