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  Vol. 98 No. 7


Workers' Comp Woes
That new fee schedule the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission adopted back in April has made a bad system even worse and angered physicians all over the state. The end result could be an exodus of doctors from the system that could affect injured workers' access to care.

By Walt Borges


Medicaid Mess
State lawmakers already were wondering how they would pay for the Medicaid system when they convene in Austin next year, but now the news is even worse. We're only nine months into the current budget and Medicaid is facing huge cost overruns caused by rapidly rising pharmaceutical costs, higher enrollment, and a flat economy.

By Ken Ortolon


Tie That Binds
Think it's bad enough that workers' compensation fees are being tied to Medicare reimbursement guidelines? Wait until private health plans start basing their fee schedules on Medicare. At least two major Texas health insurers already are. Can others be far behind?

By Walt Borges


Closing the Gap
State officials and Hispanic activists, concerned over wide disparities in health outcomes between whites and racial and ethnic minorities, have launched two new initiatives to improve both access to and quality of health care for minorities. They hope to find solutions to cultural barriers, socioeconomic problems, and even racial bias that may be preventing minorities from enjoying the same positive level of health outcomes as most non-Hispanics.

By Ken Ortolon


Medical Mismatch?
This spring's national resident match shows medical school graduates are continuing to shun primary care and surgical specialties in favor of specialties that give them more defined work hours and more control over their own lives. Anesthesiology, radiology, and emergency medicine are the most popular.

By Ken Ortolon


An Analysis of the Relativity of Vaccines Administered in Texas From 1991 Through 1999

By David A. Geier; Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD


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