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Pertussis Returns
Remember pertussis? We all thought it was a thing of the past. It's not. Pertussis, known to most laypeople as whooping cough, is making a comeback. The number of cases in Texas has jumped from 151 to 601 since 1996, and the disease has killed 11 people in the past two years, three of them this year alone. State health officials warn that physicians need to start looking for it when diagnosing their patients' illnesses.

By Ken Ortolon


Border Doctors' Clout
Feeling like their area has been ignored by Austin and worried that poor Medicaid reimbursement could hurt the most vulnerable patients, a coalition of physicians along the Texas-Mexico border took matters into their own hands. Their efforts in last year's legislative session helped pass the largest Medicaid fee increase in nearly 10 years.

By Ken Ortolon


Resuscitate or Not?
To say it's a thorny issue is an understatement. The Texas Supreme Court is considering a case that will determine whether parents, physicians, or hospitals may make the call to resuscitate a premature newborn baby. But it still won't settle the ethical and professional dilemmas doctors face in delivery rooms across the state.

By Walt Borges


Innovative Insurance
With the future of managed care and HMOs in doubt, employers are turning to innovative new health insurance plans that will give consumers more say in their own health care and the spending of employer health care dollars. But some physicians believe the plans may not go far enough to address their concerns.

By Walt Borges


Safe Food
A blue ribbon panel of experts that Dr. Tom Hancher appointed   soon after he became TMA president last year to examine the safety of genetically modified foods has concluded that there is no scientific evidence to show that they're unsafe. Just the same, the group says, monitoring should continue.

By Ken Ortolon


Ownership of Cats or Dogs Does Not Increase Risk of Exposure to Rickettsia typhi

By Robert J. Wiggers, PhD; Robert S. Stewart, PhD


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