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The Magic of Technology
If it's been a while since you earned your medical degree, you might be amazed at what's going on in the medical schools these days. They've gone high tech and some of the gadgets they're using look like they came straight out of Star Wars. The "sage on the stage" is being replaced by Merlin the magician. One school even has a robotic dummy that acts like a human.

By Laurie Stoneham


Ready for Bioterrorism?
Is Texas really prepared for a bioterrorist attack? Sort of. Our new health commissioner says we're ready, but adds that we could be a lot better prepared. TMA and a Task Force on Bioterrorism appointed by TMA President Tom B. Hancher, MD, are taking steps to make sure physicians can handle whatever comes their way.

By Ken Ortolon


Everybody says Renagel is a great drug to give dialysis patients to reduce phosphorus absorbed in their blood through digestion. The problem is that it's expensive. State officials wanted to remove it from the state drug formulary. That's when they met the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical company that makes it. The drug is still on the formulary.

By Walt Borges


Setting the 2003 Agenda
There are still 12 months to go before state lawmakers return to Austin for the 2003 session of the Texas Legislature, but physicians already are gearing up for what promises to be a tough fight. Many of the issues will be the same as in the 2001 session -- prompt pay, professional liability, physician negotiation, Medicaid reform, and scope of practice.

By Ken Ortolon


Call (800) 523-8776 
If you're getting ready to set up your medical practice and don't have a clue what to do next, turn to TMA Physician Services for all the answers. Physician Services consultants will do all the heavy lifting and let you do what you do best -- take care of patients.

By Walt Borges


Increasing Physician Impact on the Prevention of Domestic Violence

By Joe E. Thornton, MD; Carolyn Nance Garner; Evelyn Swenson-Britt, RN, MS, CS; Margaret H. Brackley, PhD, RN, MS


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