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Vol. 97 No. 11

Cover Story  

Diabetes on a Rampage
Dr. Dan Hale's colleagues thought he had taken leave of his senses back in 1995 when he warned that type 2 diabetes was showing up in children. They believe him now. Diabetes has reached almost epidemic proportions and is taking a terrible toll on children and adults. The result is a massive effort to prevent new cases and better control the ones already diagnosed.

By Laurie Stoneham


Rules and Lawsuits
The Texas Department of Insurance has finally adopted clean claims and prompt payment rules after the governor vetoed the prompt pay bill passed overwhelmingly by the legislature. The problem is a TMA analysis of the rules shows that they are woefully inadequate. Meanwhile, a group of physicians has taken insurance giant CIGNA to court for not paying doctors for their services.

By Walt Borges

Medical Economics  

Workers' Comp Reform
Texas physicians aren't exactly thrilled with the efforts to reform the state's workers' compensation system. It looks like the "reforms" may place additional administrative burdens and financial stress on physicians who treat injured workers. Doctors aren't too happy about the new fee structure, either.

By Walt Borges

Public Health  

Flu Shots
Problems with assuring an adequate supply of flu vaccine are resulting in education campaigns to inform physicians and the public that people at highest risk should be vaccinated first and that many patients can benefit from receiving their flu shots later in the season.

By Laurie Stoneham

Legislative Affairs  

Campaign Scramble
Phil Gramm's retirement from the Senate has touched off what's been called "a fruit basket turnover" of possible replacements. The scramble to succeed the veteran senator is affecting races all over the 2002 ballot. TMA political operatives are keeping a close eye on the situation and making sure all the candidates are familiar with medicine's issues.

By Ken Ortolon

The Journal  

The Often Overlooked Posterior Dislocation of the Shoulder

By Nick Hatzis, MD; T. Kenneth Kaar, MD; Michael A. Wirth, MD; Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD


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