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Vol. 97 No. 9  

Cover Story  

The flood
Every hospital has a disaster plan, but no amount of planning could have prepared the hospitals and research facilities in the Texas Medical Center for the flood that inundated the area when Tropical Storm Allison roared through Houston in June. Despite incredible obstacles and hardships, the professionalism and dedication of the physicians, nurses, and staff triumphed over nature's wrath.

By Laurie Stoneham

Legislative Affairs  

The veto
Texas physicians are still seething over Gov. Rick Perry's surprise veto of the prompt payment bill, and the fallout may cause political problems for the governor in the next election. It's already causing problems between some old friends.

By Ken Ortolon


Binding arbitration
The governor says he vetoed HB 1862 because it would have undermined insurance companies' ability to use binding arbitration to settle payment disputes with physicians. But what the bill actually would have done is prevent the unilateral imposition of binding arbitration.

By Walt Borges

Medical Economics  

After the veto
So now that the prompt payment bill is dead and buried, what can physicians do to survive in the face of continued slow pay or, worse, no pay by the insurance companies? TMA offers 10 important points to keep in mind.

By Walt Borges


Flooded research
All that water that flooded the Texas Medical Center in June did more than destroy millions of dollars in equipment. It also killed thousands of laboratory animals and wiped out other research projects on which some scientists had spent the majority of their careers. The effect may be felt for years.

By Laurie Stoneham

The Journal  

Emotional impact of retirement on physicians
By Emily Lees, PhD, MPH; Shelly E. Liss, MD; Irvin M. Cohen, MD; James N. Kvale, MD; and Sharon K. Ostwald, PhD, RN

Commentary: Insights into physician retirement
By Shelly E. Liss, MD; Irvin M. Cohen, MD; and Kanellos D. Charalampous, MD

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