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Vol. 97 No. 8  

Symposium on End-of-Life Care

End-of-life care focuses on promoting the quality of life for patients by assuring self-determined life closure, physical comfort, psychosocial and spiritual support, coordination of care, and bereavement services. The articles in this issue examine how physicians can provide competent and compassionate care to help their patients achieve a "good death."  

'On Our Own Terms' -- One year later
By Gerald H. Holman, MD, Guest Editor

Managing the pain of advanced chronic disease (abstract)
By Dennis S. Pacl, MD     

Symptom management in hospice and palliative care (abstract)
By Alexander Peralta Jr., MD

Providing hospice care in rural Texas (abstract)
By Mark Drew, MD; and Marsha Irwin, RN, MEd, PhD

Spiritual care at the end of life (abstract)
By Porter Storey, MD

New programs for children living with life-threatening conditions (abstract)
By Marcia Levetown, MD

Research opportunities in palliative medicine (abstract)
By Catherine Sweeney, MB; and Eduardo Bruera, MD

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